Sunday, May 15, 2011

Anahaw Fans!

Colorful anahaw / palm fan.

Simple or natural anahaw / palm fan.

Anahaw (L. Rotundifolia) is the unofficial national leaf of the Philippines, while Kho (L. speciosa) is the tree of Khao Kho district in Thailand.

Livistona is a genus of 36 species of palms (family Arecaceae), native to the southern and southerneastern of Asia, australia and Horn of Africa. They are fan palms, the leaves with an armed petiole terminating in a rounded costapalmate fan of numerous leaftlets.

Livistona species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species inlcuding Batrachedra arenosella (recorded on L. subglobosa) and Paysandisia archon.
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The "Anahaw" fans are widely used in the Philippines to relieve the prickling heat of summer days. It's very practically because it is sold at a very low price. The colored or simple anahaw/palm fan can be bought for a price range of 15 to 25 Philippine peso. These fans can be seen and easily be bought in any landmarks, tourist spots or department stores around the Philippines. It is fashionable for its colors can blend to your clothes as you go to the beach or just stroll around. The fans are rounded and can also shade your face from the sun shine. It also has a very light weight which you can carry anywhere you go.

Grab one of these fans and enjoy the summer days in the Philippines as you visit the tourist spots and beaches around the country.


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